Music for children, music for their grown ups

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Classes are running in St Agnes and Truro!

Ellie and MaxI am Ellie, a Mummy of two lively young boys, and I’ve always loved singing and music. My kids (and lots of kids I know) love grown up music as much as music intended for kids (or more so!). Most people I know would say their musical tastes were influenced by their parents tastes, so I set out to start Hickory Dickory Rock – music classes for babies and toddlers with music that the whole family can appreciate. Still nursery rhymes and silly songs, but with a variety of genres, moods, tempos… A bit educational musically, emotionally and otherwise. You can listen to some of our music here to get a feel for it!

Baby and toddler music and movement classes are a fun way to introduce little ones to music and its variety. On top of that they can help to develop little ones’ motor skills, social skills, language and communication, imagination, memory, coordination and more. My boys learnt to clap and wave during classes. I believe attending music classes also gave them a desire to explore music and confidently make up their own songs. Plus your social skills get an outing too!

The children will have a wide range of instruments and props to try out and rock around to at Hickory Dickory Rock. Of course, in this current Covid climate and social distance, there are certain props which we will have to shelve for the time being, but we will still find a way to replicate the fun we had with these as well as still having singing, some sensory exploration and a touch of signing. Grown ups get to join in too (which the kids love to see!) with lots of opportunity to dance around, sign, tickle, blow raspberries and make music.

I have developed two age appropriate music classes: Mini Mice (0-15 months) and Maxi Mice (16 months-4 years). We now also have a Mixi class (mixed age), which has it’s own range of benefits to the little ones too! All classes vary every week! Remember to pack your air guitar.

Please click on the class links above for more information or check out our Facebook page. Plus, our music is now for sale too so you can enjoy all your favourite songs the rest of the week! Find the album here!

Alternatively if you are a childminder, or run a preschool/nursery and are interested in music classes, get in touch.