Mini Mice

mini mice mouse on scarves

Babies-15 months

Mini Mice is our younger music class. The class lasts for 30 minutes, designed to suit their limits of stimulation.

There’s lots of tickling, raspberries, clapping, cuddles, movement and some signing, as well as more calming bubbles and fairy lights. That’s not to mention the instruments! There will be plenty of variety from week to week to make sure your little one gets a wide range of musical play, balanced with the loose structure that young ones benefit from. We will always sing the same opening and closing songs with varying silly songs and nursery rhymes in the middle. We like to get the bubbles out every week and some swathe of fabric or parachute to wobble.

In Mini Mice, we focus on songs and movement suited to this younger audience. Be prepared to join in with the actions, dance and rock ‘n’ roll around with them!

Hopefully the grown ups will enjoy the Mini Mice music as much as the kids too – we don’t think children need to have bad taste in music. We’ve tried to make music for the whole family to enjoy across a range of musical genres to introduce little ones to the variety out there. Who knows, your little one might surprise you with a love of rock, or funk, or country music!

It’s up to you and your baby how young you want to start attending the Mini Mice class. There are plenty of elements for everyone in this class, but call to ask more if you’re unsure.

Your first Mini Mice class is free, so come and try it out!

To book a free trial please contact me, or to find out more about our music classes and prices click here.

You can also find us on Facebook for more updates.

Please note: parents remain in a supervisory role of their little one throughout the session.